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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crazy Couple of Weeks..

So it's been awhile since I've posted, but it's been a crazy time! Had an issue with the ex and this is what happened..

Not sure if you can see that good, but that's scratches and a dent in the bumper of my car :-/ Talk about CRAZY! But since then, I haven't really heard from him and I blocked his number from being able to call me.

My nephew is now sleeping in his crib! He looks so little in it!
Also, if you know my brother, you know how oddly proud he is of his feet. Well before his gf got pregnant, he told her, "I don't care if my kid has my last name, all I care is that they have my toes!" So what do you think?
But last week I went to the farmers market at Dos Lagos and saw Emu Oil. It helps with skin repair and pain. So since I have arthritis, I asked for a sample and used some right then and there! Well, the spot that she put it on took the pain away. I wanted to do more research before I bought it, and found nothing bad about it. So I went back and bought it!
I hope it helps!

Lastly, I watched a movie called "Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead" and it got me excited to make a life change and start a cleanse of just juicing. The guy did it for 60 days to get off all medicine that he was on, but I don't think that I can last that long and I already stopped taking any medicine. So I'm going to try a 15 day cleanse at first. It's going to be hard, but I think that it will be worth it! Would you try it?

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