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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weeked recap...

I need to start this off by saying, Yes I am a dork and did see Harry Potter at midnight! And I've seen most of the HP's at midnight showings! It all started before any heard of him, and my mom bought me the first few books and I started reading them and loved them! But I never did finish reading the books, but still enjoyed the movies!  Since my niece's are off of school for Summer, and they always BEG me to take them to midnight showings, I took them! We were joined by their mom and aunt (who is between the ages of my nieces).  Only my SIL and youngest niece fell asleep! But we still had fun!

Friday night in my brother community had a movie in the park. It was Megamind! I love that cartoon! I think it is super funny! We had fun, but why was it so cold? I thought it's summer?! But my niece did have a run in with some mean cheerleaders, but handled her own and I loved every minute of it. Calling the cheerleader "shorty-shorts"! It was super funny!

Saturday night I ended up watching my niece's so their parents could have a little date night. And on my way home that night, my youngest niece had me in tears. Good tears. She sent me a text saying that she saw something that reminded her of me and wants to get it, but it's going to cost her 5 month allowance, but my birthday is in 4 months. She asked if it was ok to get it for me late! How sweet is that?! I did the math and it was about $300!!! I told not to spend that kind of money on me, but she was being super sweet! And told me that her mom might think she likes me more if she spent more money on my gift, then her mom's! :)

Well Sunday I went to Church with my friend Erika. Wow! It's been a long time since I've been there, but happy that I went back and am going to start going back. After that, we had a BBQ at my parent's house for my SIL's birthday. It was fun! I love that her family is my family! 
But how cute is this? I love when they get along, since they fight so much!

Well Monday was the SIL's birthday. She wanted to go the Glen Ivy, and even though I wasn't feeling the greatest, I went with her. We had fun!
We played in the mud.
We used Glen Ivy for our personal photo shoot!
We had fun!
But I did find a must have! I don't know why I don't have one of these yet!? But maybe not to this extreme!
It was such a huge hat that it kept falling over my eyes! But I want one!

 They are actually happy to take picture's! That's rare from Alyssa!
After the spa we went to dinner at Sevilla's. Yum! The niece's didn't go :( Their bio dad actually came into town and took them to dinner.

Another melt my heart moment happened after dinner when my youngest niece didn't want to spend time with her bio dad and cried and cuddled on my lap. I hate that they are growing up, but when they act like little kids it makes me forget that!

Well, I'm still not feeling well and hope it passes soon. And anyways, how was your weekend? Did you have fun? Do anything special?


Erika said...

This makes me want to go to Glen Ivy SO badly!

Super cute pics! Love the hat, def a must have! He he


Stacey said...

Fun! What a busy, fun filled weekend.. And, I want to go to Glen Ivy so bad too.. I was telling erika the other day she should play hookie from work, and we should go.. You should come too!!!

Tawni716 said...

Fun times!! Looks like lots of fun at Glen Ivy! I've never been there to lay out ... just to get a massage years ago. How much is that place to go hang for the day? Awesome, you aren't a dork for seeing Harry Potter ... I want to see it! I'm actually behind, haven't seen the last one. Is it out on DVD? Ever since having Payton I can't catch up ... last one we saw was in 2009 in the theater ... but Will says we need to see Part 1. Your niece is so sweet to think of you & want to get you something so pricey & special! Love all your pics!