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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Ellen Show...

Months ago I signed up for free tickets to The Ellen Show, and the day finally came  

I had asked for 4 tickets so my SIL, my bestie, her friend and myself could go. Well 2 out of the 4 bailed.
So just my SIL and I went. We still had fun!

They changed our check-in time on us twice, and the last time I talked to them, they told me that we were going to screen the movie 50/50.

Monday was her live show, so we thought we might be on that episode, but I had a feeling that ours was airing on Wednesday, since her guests were the cast of 50/50, and I was right.

The movie was good! It made me cry!

We got out numbers and are waiting for our seats.
About to go in!

Such a funny and sad movie. It's based on a true story as well!

Maroon 5 also preformed their song "Move's Like Jagger"
I've seen them live before and I enjoyed it so much! They do not disappoint live!
Everyone was given the Maroon 5 CD, as well as the Snapple that they made. Super yummy!

After we left, we STARVING and we did not want to sit in LA traffic at 5pm, so we went to this little Italian restaurant called Lucas. OMG! Super yummy!. We shared our meal and was so glad that we did.

Crusted chicken with a Lemon Butter sauce. With mashed potatoes and veggies. To die for!
Then dessert was a lemon custard with strawberries and whipped. The best ever!

Well look for me tomorrow on her show!


Erika said...

When I saw your post on fb I was wondering what the hek you were referring to ... good to know snapple! Lol

Photos are super cute, glad you had a good time! Super jealous!

Sandy said...

How fun! I want to do something like that. And that food looks delicious. I'm at work and starving! :)

Stacey said...

Sounds fun ;) And I love me some Maroon 5..