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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So What Wednesday...

Today I'm feeling extra blah, so I thought it would be a perfect 'So What' kind of day!

So what if I wake up early in the morning and go to the gym, but then take a nap, and am proud of myself for waking up early.

So what if I constantly drive with cruise control on, and get angry when others don't drive at a constant speed!

So what if I blog stalk for giveaways.

So what if I told them I couldn't 'work' so I could go to a taping of the Ellen Show.

So what if I'm a complete blogger-tard!

So what if I'm excited for the new fall shows to start so I can stay in bed all day to catch up.

So what if I sign up for freebies of things that I don't use.

So what if I blog stalk at places and times when I shouldn't.

So what if my birthday is coming up and i can't really think of anything to do.

So what if I immediately check my email after I post a blog to see if anyone has commented on it! 


Sandy said...

Haha I liked this list... any time you wake up early to go to thy gym is awesome! Regardless of what you do afterward! Haha

Shalyn said...

You're Adorable Ash :) I recently moved and gave the Ellen show the wrong address...last time it was just instructions they sent me...what did they send you guys so I know what I'm missing? This week is a extra blah week. <3 U

Ashleigh said...

Sandy - thanks!

Shay - Just what time to meet there and directions on how to get there. They called me yesterday to confirm. So maybe they will do the same for you! PS I was just asking Jamie about how you were doing today!

Erika said...

I'm dying laughing at this one Ash!

1st of all we're def celebrating your b-day so should I just go ahead & take over the planning? J.k

I heart Ellen, I'm so jealous!

Hey you went to the gym...good job you should be proud! I'm excited for Fall too! :)

Erika said...

P.s. "After I Do"'s b-day is Friday & she's been doing giveaway's daily from her sponsors...check it out :) She's on my scroll