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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weeked recap...

So Thursday my friend that is in cosmetology school did my hair. I've been wanting bad to go back to blonde, and she was way cheaper then going to my normal girl so I thought I'd give it a try! And I like it!
 It was kinda windy that day.

Well Friday some gf's an I went to Harvest. It was my first time there, but I had a good time and look forward to making it a yearly tradition.

Then Saturday I went to GoFest. Thursday I had won tickets from a local country station to their concert. Toby Keith headlined and Eric Church opened for him. There were a couple other acts on side stages, but I've never heard of them. We ended up sitting next to one of them and didn't even know it until the end of the concert. 

A few years ago I was on my way to see Toby, but it started to rain and we decided not to go since it was an outside concert. And I've always wanted to see him!

Not to bad for free seats!
 Eric Church

My bestie!
Yumm! They let me bring it in. Diet lemonade mixed with sweet tea vodka!

Toby time!

Who sits down during a concert?
Love her!
What did you do this weekend? I also still need help fixing my blog!

One last thing, I've noticed I'm getting viewers from everywhere! So please leave a comment or follow, I'd love to hear from you!


Shann said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! I love all the photos from Go Fest!

Stacey said...

Lucky!!! That's so cool you won the tickets to Go Fest.. I love Toby Keith too :) Love the new hair color..

Tawni716 said...

I love your hair ~ Looks really good!!! How fun, looks like you guys had a blast at the concert! I want to go to a country concert!!! I need a girls night out to one though, my hubby dislikes country music & will not go. =( & heck yea who sits down at a concert? NOT ME!!! =D I'm the annoying girl who drinks too much, dances & sings too loud! haha

Sandy said...

What a fun weekend! I've tried winning stuff on the radio soo many times and never win. Womp womp. Yay for you though! And your lemonade and sweet tea vodka drink sounds delicious!! And that's awesome that you got to bring it in!! :)